Yunmai Will Be Known Not Only for Its Scales From Now On


Yunmai, previously associated only with smart scales Yuanmai Mini and Yunmai Mini 2, has presented a different lifestyle product — a yoga mat.

The mat is made from TPE polyurethane, offers excellent traction and support at the same time. It does a great job no matter how much you sweat and insulates you from the cold flooring if any. The surface of the mat is pleasant and, what is more, is grippy, thus you will feel comfortable doing difficult yoga poses.

The will be available in an array of colors, but in the same size — 183×61 cm.

Taking into account all of the above, the Yunmai mat is a good option to use while performing yoga. And because it is machine-washable, very durable and comes with a case, you can also take it to a picnic, use it as a seat and do not worry that it will get extremely dirty or tear.

The mat will cost around $20 in China.

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