Xiaomi Yueli Electric Foot File Review


Heel calluses bring a lot of discomfort to both women and men. Thus, to keep our feet as soft and velvety as baby’s bottom we use every means we can think of starting from rubbing in glycerin and olive oil, taking salt baths and applying expensive creams to different mechanical treatments including metal scrappers, pumice stone, and electric foot files, just like the one from Xiaomi we got for a review recently.

Xiaomi Yueli Electric Foot File launched at the beginning of August. Here you can read about the device in short. We, in turn, will tell you about it with a great nicety.

Packaging and contents

The electric foot file comes in a nifty white box made of robust cardboard. Important information about the device is featured on its back, while the façade of the box showcases the product name and the company’s logo.

We got a blue version of Xiaomi Yueli Electric Foot File, but there is also a pink one. In the box, the gadget rests in a special compartment, which you can take out to get to the lower section, where all the accessories and the manual are kept.

Thus, here is what you get with the device:

  • velvet pouch to store it;
  • charger, i.e. a USB power adapter with a Chinese plug;
  • charging station;
  • brush for cleaning the device;
  • extra roller;
  • manual in Chinese


Xiaomi Yueli Electric Foot File has an ergonomic handle covered with a layer of rubber that makes it comfortable to hold. This rubber coating also provides protection from water.

The front part of the device bears a logo and two buttons: one to switch it on/off and the other to change the speed of roller rotation. If we slide our gaze down under the rubber layer we will see a built-in green LED light to alert that the gadget is being charged.

The rear of Xiaomi Yueli Electric Foot File features short specs and two charging contacts.

Yueli was nice to include the roller cap that the device should wear when it is waiting in the wings on a shelf in your bathroom. Note, that when the cap is fitted, there is no connection of the file head with the charging station. Before placing the gadget on the station remove the protective cap.

Charging lasts a little longer than three hours and consumes more than 1000mAh (as Yeuli promised from the beginning).

What it was like to use it

Xiaomi Yueli Electric Foot File gets a pat on the back from us for having two rollers in the kit. They have a different size of micro-abrasive particles for working away with that dead skin. One you use for tough calluses, another is a smoothing roller for a baby-soft feel.

If you need to clean the roller or just change it for another one — the things could not be easier. To take out the roller you simply press and hold the button and pull upwards on one side of the roller. To get the roller back in place you insert one side of the roller into the slot on the handle and push down the other side of the roller. Done!

Charging did not cause any problems as well. You put Xiaomi Electric Foot Dead Skin Remover on a charging station and connect the station to any USB power adapter. You can even connect it to a USB port of your laptop or computer because the maximal current draw during charging is 450mA. And yes, we must not forget to remove the protective cap.

What we have doubts about is the two speeds of rolling. We thought the second one would suffice because it only seems like the lower speed only provides a more gentle rolling movement. It only makes the procedure longer, although gives the same result.

All in all, we are content with how the device works. It delivers on its promise to buff away the dry and calloused skin. And it is definitely more convenient than metal scrappers or pumice stone.

Tell us in the comments below if you have this one or any other one already and what are your thought about the results.

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