Xiaomi Sells Smartphones Like Hotcakes on AliExpres


AliExpress, officially launched in April of 2010, is Alibaba’s only online platform for the global market. It unites a large number of sellers working under the “International Edition Taobao” brand.

AliExpress is the third largest online store in the world, where you can buy almost everything. This year the website arranged big sales on International Shopping Day* (November, 11).

* In China they call it the Singles Days. It was invented in the 90’s by a few college students who wanted to have a special day to celebrate their bachelorhood. In 2009 Alibaba decided to offer sales on this day. In just six years, it has grown into one of the largest shopping days in the world. Not only single, but also married and young can shop on Singles Day.

The day after, Wang Xiang, senior vice president of Xiaomi, said that the largest Chinese corporation has won first place in mobile phone sales on the AliExpress site. Congratulations!

Wednesday, 22 november 2017

But most of the Sellers don't deliver Mobiles to India.

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