Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: How Does It Look Like?


According to the information we received earlier Xiaomi was not going to release Redmi Note 5, referring to Redmi 5 Plus as its replacement. Although there was no official confirmation of this news, reports about the development of the smartphone did not come up as well. Up to this day.

Apparently, this is a real image of Redmi Note 5. As we can see the smartphone will be equipped with thin bezels, which will be even thinner than those of its latest opponents Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus. It is also worth noting that the lower edge will be even thinner than that of the Mi MIX 2. And this means that the front camera and sensors will be located on top.

If Redmi Note 5 turns out the same as we have been shown in the photo, it will become the mid-range Xiaomi smartphone with the highest screen-to-body ratio.

The rear of the smartphone looks like what we have seen a lot in Xiaomi smartphones lately. The panel resembles a Redmi smartphone with curved edges and the Mi logo. There is also a dual camera, but there is no LED flash, although usually on smartphones of this class it is placed between the camera sensor and the fingerprint scanner.

Yes, there is not confirmation that Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 will still be released. Until now, everything that we saw was just unconfirmed leaks and rumors, and the above-mentioned information is no exception. This also applies to the news that the phone will have the same screen 5.99-inch FHD+ screen as on Redmi 5 Plus, as well as an unknown Snapdragon 632 processor.

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