Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Drop Test


Mi MIX 2 has been released a while ago so we were able to appreciate it functionality and design of the new smartphone to the fullest. The long-awaited device fell into the hands of Chinese journalists who decided to test it in a very unusual way.

Yang Lin, a famous showman in China, known for his bold and crazy actions, dropped Mi MIX 2 from a height of 470 meters.

The result was quite predictable — Mi MIX 2 got off with a whole skin, only a few scratches were noticed on its back and display. The role the landscape in this experiment was not unimportant. The device fell on a grass field, which, perhaps, mitigated the impact of the fall. But the fact remains: Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 survived.

It is worth noting that the video posted on social media is made in order to amuse. Yang Lin does not promote violence against mobile devices!

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