Xiaomi Loock Smart Fingerprint Door Lock: You Need This for Sure


Xiaomi finally presented its 123rd product — a smart door lock that offers different ways to open the door: using a fingerprint scanner, by means of a password on a smartphone, with a help of a contactless card or using a good old method — a key.

But Xiaomi launched the product as the first door lock that has a fingerprint sensor. This is its main feature. For accurate and fast identification, Xiaomi Loock Smart Fingerprint Door Lock uses a semiconductor fingerprint module, which is considered to be more reliable than the optical one. Even experienced thieves cannot hack such a technology.

The product features a low-power, high-speed wireless communication technology — ZigBee. It can interact with many elements of the ecosystem, for example, with Aqara wall switches. After you close the door, lights will automatically turn off throughout the house. Actually, everything that happens in the house after you lock the door, can be configured with a help of a smartphone. It depends on the devices you have in your “smart home”.

On top of that, Xiaomi Loock Smart Fingerprint Door Lock is equipped with a reminder function. If it detects fingerprint error or password incorrect entry (more than 3 times) the function will be activated. Your smartphone will receive a notification that the unlocking was unsuccessful. You can also open and close the door while away. It is convenient when there are children or elderly people in the house.

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