Xiaomi and Baidu Are Now Partners!


Xiaomi announced that it partnered with Baidu, a Chinese Internet giant, planning to work on the development of new technologies in the field of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Yet the exact details regarding the partnership have not yet been disclosed. But both companies said that voice recognition, in-depth training, and computer-assisted visual recognition were of immediate interest.

Vice Chairman and Group President Qi Lu stated: “We have joined forces to build a lasting partnership making the best products and developing AI even further. Xiaomi has accumulated a lot of experience in the field of intelligent equipment and created an ecosystem of smart devices. And Baidu has strong technical foundations in AI systems and its own interactive AI DuerOS system, which can contribute to the development of the IoT industry. ”

In July, Baidu launched DuerOS, which is an AI system based on conversations to support the development of the IoT industry. The open platform is designed to help developers create voice devices that can hear, understand and follow commands given by the user. Since its launch, it has gained more than 130 partners and spread around many products, including smartphones, TVs, speakers, smart watches and household appliances.

Baidu will also use Xiaomi’s app designing experience, its large number of active users, and the ecosystem of smart devices to improve app that can better understand real-world scenarios, users, and their needs.

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