Xiaomi Accused of Consumer Discrimination?


The other day Xiaomi stated: “If you are from England or UAE you are welcome at our foreign market. If you are from Japan, go to the Japanese market.” Such statement caused indignation of Japanese specialists that suspected discrimination.

Yesterday afternoon, residents of Japan discussed Xiaomi’s statement in the brand’s microblog. People from Japan made a claim, said that Xiaomi should apologize for what has been said.

Later a representative of Xiaomi’s official microblog issued an apology: “Please, accept our deepest apologies for the fact that my employee's published incorrect comments and caused an adverse social impact.”

Xiaomi also said that it would focus on improving the behavior of company’s employees to prevent similar incidents in the future. A screenshot of the E-mail addressed to all the company’s employees, shows that they were informed about the criticism.

Lei Jun emphasized: "Never allow geographical discrimination to arise! Xiaomi’s products are designed for countries and regions from around the world, including Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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