WOW! A Massage Chair at Xiaomi's Crowdfunding Platform!


Yesterday Xiaomi announced the launch of its 124th crowdfunding product, which turned out to be an elegant massage chair for relaxation that you can control with a help of application on your smartphone.

Moso Smart Massage Chair is a good alternative to a visit to a message specialist. As was reported in teasers, the chair has an L-shape. The device uses a complex bionic design, usually introduced in robots. It makes a back, neck, hip and shin message. A 103-degree rotation angle provides full coverage of the back muscles and a silicone massage ball makes contact more pleasant.

This massage chair supports the body in imaginary weightlessness. It seems as if you are in a space capsule with zero gravity. This effect is due to the properly adjusted footrest. It helps the body to lie at an angle of about 126 degrees. This way you can completely relax, your body becomes softer and the massage is more qualitative.

The seat is covered with eco-friendly PU leather, which has no unpleasant odor. This material looks and feels like real leather. In some characteristics it even surpasses the natural product. It does not cause allergies, does not stretch and does not crack. And the most important property of this material is wear resistance.

At the moment, the massage chair is in the middle of its crowdfunding campaign. It is presented in three color versions: dark brown, brown and caramel.

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