Would You Like Some Tea?


How can you relax from the hustle and bustle of the city? The makers of MiJia Smart Home Kettle thought about it too and made you this snow-white comfort for the times you need to unwind, relax and just drink a cup of tea.

MiJia Smart Home Kettle is a super high-tech looking device. It is made of high temperature resistant and health-safe materials: refractory plastic exterior, stainless steel interior, and stainless steel spout.

The kettle is very convenient in everyday use. The spout is wide enough to ensure that you do not spill anything. The lid can be opened at two angles: at a 45-degree angle you easily fill cups and glasses with liquid and at an 80-degree you can clean the kettle thoroughly.

It would be odd if Xiaomi did not incorporate smart technologies into the device, right? MiJia Smart Home Kettle can be controlled with a smartphone app. You can heat the water to a specific degree in which a high-quality thermostat will help. After the water is ready you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

The kettle sits on the base that powers it. Its electrical parts are protected from moisture and water. The device is also equipped with an automatic shutdown mode in the event you forget to pour water into it or when it dries up. On the inside of the handle, there are touch buttons to control boiling.

MiJia Smart Home Kettle is the right company when you need to think things over a cup of tea or delight your friends or partners with a hot drink.

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