Will New Mi Note 3 Wipe the Floor with Mi6?


Based on people’s reviews Xiaomi Mi6 has been held in high esteem. The smartphone’s camera has been one of its specs talked about the most. In a blind test, where Mi6 competed against the new Huawei and iPhone, pictures taken with Xiaomi’s gadget got more than a half of the votes.

A powerful camera is certainly a plus to the karma of Mi6, but there the smartphone still has a few pain points for users, for example, its 5.15-inch screen, which seemed too small for such a phablet. That is why many are setting their eyes on Mi Note 3, which after a powerfully persuasive press conference held by Xiaomi last week on the occasion of the smartphone's launch, was dubbed a “bigger version of Mi 6”.

Mi Note 3 and Mi 6 are really like two peas in the pod. Both have the same design, rear camera modules, memory configurations. (Tell us in the comments below what we missed.) The only difference is that Mi Note 3 is bigger as a lot of users want a smartphone to be and its front-facing camera comes with 16MP against 8MP in Mi 6. However, Mi 6, which came to light this past spring, is equipped with a Snapdragon 835, whilst Mi Note 3 sports an inferior Snapdragon 660 SoC. One is actually as good as the other, but taking into account all of the above, is Mi Note 3 a better deal? Share your thoughts. 

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