Why a Fingerprint Sensor Is So past Tense


A fingerprint sensor is a definite feature of almost every smartphone out there. However, being so popular and constantly improved, it seems like it still can never be perfect enough.

Unlike the face identification technology that has already been adopted by Samsung, Apple and an array of other manufacturers. It is very advanced in all respects and very convenient, especially if your hands are too dry or wet, or if you are wearing gloves (in winter).

Why a Fingerprint Sensor Is So past Tense?

Can you remember any other situation when the fingerprint identifier was useless to you? Tell us in the comments.

Last week Xiaomi released Mi Note 3, which is also equipped with Face ID. Not as powerful as the one on the iPhone X, but it does its job. Today it became known that this gimmick would also be available to Mi 6 owners, who just need to update their operating system to MIUI 9.

Xiaomi, however, warned that unlocking your smartphone with the face recognition is not as secure, as with a standard digital password, because there is still a chance that a person having similar facial features with you can take advantage of it. Plus, before you want to use the function, you need to make sure that your face is clearly visible, thus you will have to remove the hat or glasses from your head. You also need to provide just enough light (note that standing in the direct sun will not help much), so that the data entry was successful.

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