Time to remember: MIUI 9 Main Features


Experience the new MIUI like never before

MIUI 9 is based on a deeply optimized Android mobile operating system. Xiaomi added a lot of new features, altered the design a bit and fixed bugs — everything to let you experience MIUI like never before. 

One of the most popular manufacturer ROMs

MIUI 9 is available in 56 languages and has over 280 million users in 220 countries. Its stability, speed, and mind-blowing looking design are the reasons why it became so popular. 


System performance optimization

Xiaomi integrated a dozen of system performance optimization technologies in MIUI 9, thus the latest MIUI software offers more natural movements. Here is the whole list of improvements that MIUI 9 has.

Fast app launch time

A set of improved optimization techniques allows to improve the memory usage and reduce the amount of time required to start a new process. Applications in MIUI 9 launch fast, no matter if they are system applications or third-party applications.

Consistently smooth performance

Mobile operating systems tend to slow down after prolonged use. Xiaomi analyzed the causes for this, and optimized smoothness in dozens of factors to ensure optimum performance.

Dual apps 

Create and sing into dual accounts for any app, including WhatsApp, Facebook and more. 


Lightning fast file transfer 

Mi Drop allows the seamless transfer of files between devices without requiring an internet connection. It’s supported on the devices which run on Android 4.4 and later.

Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud is a secure, convenient backup space for your photos, messages, files, and data that syncs across multiple devices. Locate or reset your device from any browser.



App vault

Make use of specific features without searching for them. Call cabs, take notes, view upcoming events, and many more. App vault shortcuts allow you to access core features of your favorite apps. Opening the scanner for a PayTM transaction is a matter of a tap now.

Mi Video

Mi Video supports popular video formats and subtitles. It even intelligently groups episodes by the show and allows you to hide videos that you wish to keep private.

Animated icons

One of the most important changes in MIUI 9 compared to MIUI 8 is the visual design. The app icons, for example, are animated. When you interact with the icon, you get an animated response. So how about a couple of buttons that respond in a funny way each time you click them?

Advanced image search

Advanced image search can not only recognize a text in a WeChat conversation screenshot but also lets you find specific people on your own images based on the keywords you used to describe them, as well as find locations or objects on your images the same way. 

Smart app launcher 

A long press summons the assistant that suggests to open a weather app or offers a clothing store app, where you can buy weather-appropriate clothing. It breaks phrases into words and meaningful word clusters so you could select the most relevant word for search and personalize the desired search result even further.

Split screen

With a split screen mode, you can run two apps side by side on the display no matter if it is a tablet you have or a smartphone. It is a great feature if you want your social media account to be visible, while you are watching a movie or browsing the internet.

Scrolling screenshots 

Instead of a single screenshot, you can capture continuous screens by scrolling through your device. This should be handy when you want to send screenshots of your chats from messaging apps. 


Silent mode

MIUI 9 lets you mute notification with just two taps. The Silent mode and Do not disturb mode buttons share the same drawer with the volume controller, but they are as simple and as convenient to manage as before. 

Smarthpone with a thousand faces

MIUI 9 is fully customizable with thousands of free themes, ringtones, and wallpapers. Crafted with great detail by talented designers, the themes add life and personality to your smarthpone. 

Fun stickers to your photos

MIUI 9 also adds stickers that you can have fun with decorating your photos. There are 12 new sticker sets, four of which were specifically designed for India. 

Calendar cards

The calendar is now much more than just the list of the upcoming events. It is feature-rich and it has a very intuitive design. 

Erase lines and objects 

Using Mi Cloud AI algorithm you can remove unwanted lines and objects from photos. Create photo masterpiece in a snap! 

Universal remote

Mi Remote gives you control of TVs, air conditioners, fans, projectors, and more with your phone. It pairs with thousands of brands and models.


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