They Finally Met Each Other: Jackie Chan and Xiaomi Made a Movie and Launched a Smartphone


The premiere of the Chinese blockbuster “Bleeding Steel” starring Jackie Chan was held on December, 22. One of the investors and co-producers of the film was Millet Pictures — a subdivision of Xiaomi. On this occasion, a limited edition of Mi 6, dedicated to the protagonist of the film, Jackie Chan, was released.

It is worth noting that “Bleeding Steel” is one of the experimental films from the Chinese producers, as China was never heard of as a country of successful action movies. However, the new Jackie Chan motion picture has already received the recognition.

This is how Xiaomi commented on this event on its webpage: “In this movie, Jackie Chan’s character had to withstand many trials to finally reach the new world! This reminds us of many companies that have to overcome a lot of difficulties to conquer the whole world with their products!”

News about the release of a limited edition of Mi 6 appeared a long time ago, but there is practically no information about it. However, judging by the leaked photo, we can see that the smartphone will have a “Dragon” hieroglyph with the inscription “Jackie” included in it on its rear.

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