RoidMi Computer Eyeglasses with Protection from UV-Rays


Most of us rather than having an eye exam once a year, as a normal practice, have eye doctor appointments even more often, despite the fact that modern monitors that we use at home or at work are much safer for our eyes than their predecessors. If only we had some kind of device that would filter out the harmful short-wave blue light and UV, and would help avoid eye strain. Oh, wait a minute, we have one in mind. Not a device, but computer eyeglasses from RoidMi, that weight as little as 20 grams.

B1 Anti Blue-Ray Eyeglasses have 9 layers of coating that make them a comprehensive shield. The lenses are water and grease repellent so that they could be easier to clean and the temples are detachable, which is a nice if you need to replace them.

The nose pads are actually magnetic clip-ons that rest comfortably at the bridge of your nose. Why are we so sure? Because they are made in two variants and you can choose depending on what nose shape you have — a straight nose or a hooked nose. The temples also come in two modifications — for everyday use and for playing sports.

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