Older People Know Xiaomi Devices as Well


Smartphones have entered our life not so long ago but already brought great convenience. Not only our parents but also grandmothers and grandfathers begin to use smartphones not only for calls but also for web-surfing.

We came across a series of photos series of photos that have been the subject for discussion of several hundred users. In the photo, an old man holds Mi Max 2 at one of the Xiaomi's stores, and apparently faces problems managing the device.

However, the store managers helped the elderly man and even wrote instructions on using some functions of the smartphone.

The photo shows the records of how to install an application on Mi Max 2, as well as the solution of a number of problems that may arise during the operation of the smartphone. It is worth noting that each step is described in great detail and quite understandable.

This situation greatly agitated the network users and gathered a lot of admiring comments. Of course, it’s very cool that not only young people are interested in the latest developments in the mobile industry, but also a more mature generation.


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