New Products from Xiaomi Start-Ups: Metal Pen and Antibacterial Bamboo Towels


When Xiaomi announced her first double-camera smartphone, Redmi Pro, last year, she also mentioned that a little souvenir would end up in every smartphone package — a Mi Pen. In the end, the fans really loved its qualitative Japanese ink and the core from Premec, so the company decided to upgrade the pen. Now it is available with a silver or gold metal barrel and 0.5mm ink tip. It will be, as previously, 14cm long when closed and 9.5mm in diameter. 

There is one more interesting lot on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform — antibacterial bamboo towels from Wuro. The product is approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is safe for wrapping food. It can also be used by women and newborns. The box contains 4 packages with 20 towels in each one.

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