MIUI 9 vs. MIUI 8: Speed Test


Xiaomi launched MIUI 9 last month. Its beta version testing is ongoing on Xiaomi Mi 6 and RedMi Note 4X. Next Monday these smartphones will be joined by Xiaomi Mi 5. As we are waiting for the rest of the Xiaomi smartphones to take over MIUI 9, we decide to clash two Mi 6 handsets with the same ROM memory (128GB), but one running the latest MIUI 8 update and the other — MIUI 9 beta version. Which one is faster?

Turning them on...

Before the comparison, both smartphones were reset to factory settings. After that, a few simple applications were installed (Wechat, Chrome, JD, Tmall and Taobao) and one game (King of Glory).

Xiaomi Mi 6 with MIUI 9 on board loads a little faster. Aon top of that after we turned the smartphone on it this one had 0.2GB more RAM.

App startup speed

How fast the apps launch after you touch their icons is one of the biggest selling points for a smartphone. In the battle MIUI 9 vs. MIUI 8 the former wins, although it pushes King of Glory only a few seconds ahead.

We took the challenge to another level. We ran 10 applications at once and then closed them. Mi 6 version MIUI 9 had 2.7GB of available RAM after that, while Mi 6 version MIUI 8 could offer only 2GB. That is how MIUI 9 is optimized. Totally nailed it.

Interface animation

All transitions and animations in MIUI 9 are smooth-as-butter and natural-looking, if I may. MIUI 8 UI elements are smooth as well, but in comparison with MIUI 9, they already feel slower.

Bottom line

Xiaomi Mi 6 is currently one of the most powerful smartphones in the world. Wait until the official MIUI 9 lands on it, so we could all call it the one. Overall, it is good to know that even older Mi and RedMi smartphones will have MIUI 9.

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