MiJia Released a Stylish and Compact Mini Retro Refrigerator


Xiaomi found a new niche and a product to sell. Yesterday MiJia launched a retro-style mini fridge.

MiJia Mini Retro Refrigerator dining room

The fridge measures 978×543×615 mm. It has a capacity of 121L and is pretty spacious for its size. It is divided into 4 compartments: the top is occupied by a freezer, the middle section is taken by two glass shelves and there is also a box for storing vegetables and fruits on the bottom. The doors have plastic shelves.

MiJia Mini Retro Refrigerator compartments

The fridge can keep the compartments at as low as −18-degree temperature. It turns water into ice in three hours and needs only five minutes to cool down inside after it was left open for a while. Mini Retro Refrigerator produces 38dB of noise, thus it can be an excellent device for one-bedroom apartments, college dorm rooms or small offices.

MiJia Mini Retro Refrigerator living room

MiJia Mini Retro Refrigerator small size

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