MiJia IR Sensor: Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Those who want to build a smart home using MiJia products should pay attention to another useful device — an infrared sensor and a night light in one.

How do you feel when waking up in the middle of the night you end up literally crawling around your house in darkness carefully trying not to bump into furniture (ouch, that would hurt a lot) just to get a glass of water in the kitchen? Odd or funny, for sure. But those moments can turn into a memory with MiJia IR Sensor. It is a small lamp that can be easily attached to the wall or to the door thanks to a clay-based basis. Until a living creature passes the sensor by, it is not activated. In fact, it is a sensor of motion combined with a lamp.

MiJia IR Sensor has a pleasant design and is made of safe ABS plastic. It can also be managed from the MiJia app in your smartphone. The device has 120-degree viewing angle and monitors the area up to 7 meters away from it. When the motion is captured, the lamp lights up for 15 seconds, which is enough for you to look around and see which direction to go.

It is also very energy efficient. With three lithium-ion AA batteries, it can operate for up to a year on a single charge if the brightness of the light is 0.7Lm and for around six months if the brightness is 3.8Lm.

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