Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Can Do More Than Just Clean Your Pet's Hair


Cats and gods have become “the best friends” for many people around the globe. But these fluffy pets can do very interesting things when we are not at home, which can bother a lot of us.

Xiaomi users came up with an entertaining activity for the cats. They entertained them with the help of Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Using your smartphone, which should be synchronized with the Mi Vacuum Cleaner, you can invite your cat or dog to play. And if you attach your pet’s favorite toy to the device, it will be much more interested.

We should remind that Mi Vacuum Cleaner can not only occupy your pet, but also clean its hair impressively fast. It has a high suction power that allows it to pick up hair from tiles and especially carpet. You do not need to buy separate bulky and sometimes expensive pet hair head for this vacuum cleaner as it can manage the problem by itself.

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