Mi MIX 2 Is Shown in a Very Interesting Advert


Recently we came across a really entertaining video at Xiaomi's Weibo page. The first part of the video shows a rear admiral and military commentator Zhang Zhaozhong talking about the most prominent US tank, which in the US is also considered as the best in the world, — M1A1. The second part of the video is the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 advert.

Do you know what these two machines have in common?

In the 1990s the M1A1 tanks moved out on several large-scale foreign military operations and helped people inside them survive the anti-tank missiles. Partially that is due to the magic of this tank’s composite armor, as M1A1’s hull is protected by a layer of steel and depleted uranium. Also the soldiers managed to live through the bombing because the bulletproof vests they had on were reinforced with ceramic plates. 

When the story about M1A1 finishes, the video continues with a history of the production of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. It is said that the Chinese company also uses ceramics as the main material for the case of this smartphone.

Only premium phones can be made with a ceramic case, since the process of its production is unrealistically complex and time-consuming. At the same time, this material is very durable, smooth and beautiful. 

When Xiaomi created one of its first smartphones of such kind we realized that this is a breakthrough. Ceramic smartphones can make the company even more famous and prove than China can be the country where high-quality goods for the whole world are made too.

So now we know for sure that the case of Mi MI 2 is as strong as the armour of the M1A1 tank.

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