Mi 6 Can Be Bought in China with a 9000mAh Battery


The original Mi 6 features a 3350mAh power tank, which is already impressive for a device with a 5.15-inch display. But as you know in China they like to copy famous brands, even if they are Chinese, apparently.

For example, a clone of Xiaomi’s Mi 6 with an interesting “upgrade” was spotted on the Internet. For the 6700mAh battery the seller wants you to pay extra $33 extra, and for the 7000mAh and 9000mAh — $38 and $50 respectively. As can be seen from the photo below the smartphone ships with an exclusive back panel that has a bump to cover the higher-capacity battery. 

Mi fans, if you happen to see Mi 6 looking like this, just know that this is a counterfeit.

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