Meet Xiaomi Virtual Assistant Xiao Ai


Meet Xiaomi own virtual assistant Xiao Ai.

Look at the video demonstrating the work of Xiao Ai — a voice assistant designed specifically for Xiaomi smartphones. You can notice that the virtual assistant is similar to Siri and Google Assistant (it performs voice commands, helps manage smartphone functions, smart technology, etc.), but it is obvious that it is primarily aimed at the Chinese market (for example, the emphasis on working with the Chinese messenger WeChat, etc.).

According to the representative of the company, Xiao Ai is preinstalled for a new Mi Mix 2S, presented at the end of last month, and can also be used on other Xiaomi smartphones that have been updated with the Chinese version of MIUI software.

It seems that Xiao Ai will be used only in China, in the beginning at least. It is unknown whether the company has the plan to adapt its voice assistant to other regions.

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