Lei Jun Talks About How Important It Is Not to Give Up


On November 28 in Beijing Xiaomi held its first conference of IoT developers. At the event, Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi IoT became the world’s largest smart platform.

As of the end of 2017, this platform has more than 85 million connected devices, more than 10 million active devices, more than 800 smart devices and more than 400 partners.

At the same time, sales of Xiaomi mobile phones also began to increase. The company’s CEO publicly stated that in September and October, Xiaomi smartphone shipments totaled 10 million units. The sales for 2017 may be at least 100 million!

Lei Jun said that last year everyone thought that they needed to quit the market. Few people believed that the company would manage to break out into the top five and leave behind other Chinese manufacturers. But they did not lose hope and did not give up because they knew that if they changed their strategy, they would immediately succeed.

He said that this year the main attention was paid to solving three tasks: supply chain, innovation, and quality. And the main questions were: How to increase sales? How to improve quality? How to innovate? How to build an ideal team?

As sales statistics show, Xiaomi found answers to all of the above questions. In fact, there is nothing supernatural here. The right business model is important in the rapid development of any brand.

In addition, Lei Jun said that it is too early to talk about the complete success of Xiaomi. The idea of better management and adjustment of existing programs started to become real, and it will take another year or two to achieve the best balance.

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