Lei Jun Encourages Team Spirit Among the Employees and Partners of the Company


On October 13, Xiaomi held another conference for cell phone parts manufacturers. And it was non-standard.

After the event, Lei Jun invited all the guests of the conference to visit the nearby pier, where traditional Chinese Dragon boats were waiting. As it turned out Xiaomi CEO wanted to drive the boats altogether.

Chinese Dragon boats are hard to maneuver, 10 people on average are involved in making it move. So the meaning behind such a surprise was that only joint efforts help to make progress in such a huge company like Xiaomi, which he associated with the legendary boat.

Later Lei Jun commented on the even once again in his microblog: “Sometimes plans can scare you and seem like impossible to achieve, like driving a Dragon boat for the first time. But we did it! We are professionals in what we do, so it is not difficult for us to solve problems together!”.

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