In Xiaomi We Trust: The Tech Giant's Followers Cross 60 Million


Whilst digital monsters like Apple or Samsung are trying to squeeze every last bit of the smartphone theme, Xiaomi, which has previously got involved into the Internet of Things, is now shaking the tree with pretty big apples. It all began more than 3 years ago when the company decided to evolve as an ecosystem. Since then more than 70 projects that Xiaomi thought perfectly fit the ecosystem were taken under its wing, 4 of them were valued at around $1 billion. It is expected that Mi Community ecosystem will achieve $15 billion revenue growth by the end of this year.

Another absolutely fantastic figure hit the world headlines — 60 million smart devices are connected to Ecosystem today! It is hard to believe, that from the moment of its foundation Xiaomi, its affiliates, and sub-bands have received more than a hundred awards in the field of industrial design, among which iF Design Awards and Red Dot

It is worth noting that each sub-brand in the Ecosystem works as an independent manufacturer. Xiaomi does not consider these companies as its subsidiaries, rather creates all the necessary conditions for their independent development.

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