How to Disable the “Personal Assistant”?


The new week and new tips from Mi Community. We think that many of you have already seen and tried “Personal Assistant” in the latest updates of MIUI. For those who do not understand what we are talking about, this is the additional menu that appeared if you do a swap from left to right.

IMPORTANT: this feature may not be available on all phones yet, you may have to wait for a firmware update.

So, someone liked this feature very much and enjoys it constantly, but someone infuriates only with one of its presence. Now we’ll show you how to remove this assistant in 3 simple steps if you do not need it.

How to disable “Personal Assistant”:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Choose the “Desktop” menu;
  3. And here we see “Enable Personal Assistant”. We turn off / turn it on with the runner.

As you can see, everything brilliant is simple! We personally very glad that this feature appeared. Do you use “Personal Assistant”? Write your answers in the comments and attach screenshots with the assistant. Good luck!

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