Good News for Those Who Waited for the Launch of the Waterproof Case for Xiaomi MiJia Small Camera 4K


Finally, the long-promised Xiaomi MiJia Small Camera 4K accessories are out. They are the 3-axis gimbal Xiaomi MiJia Small Holding The Head and the water-proof case.

This waterproof box can withstand 40m of depth. It is a must-have accessory for those who like entertainment at sea and are into water sports. The box is also dust-proof and will protect your camera from possible abrasions and scratches. If you decide to shoot in windy weather in a dusty city and you have such a case on your camera, no harm to it. In general, the accessory guarantees the best performance of the camera regardless of the shooting conditions.

This case is made of high-impact plastic with silicone inserts. The lens is covered with a non-reflective, hydrophobic anti-fog film. It fully complies with the IP68 standard.

The case measures 89.3×74×39.3mm. It weighs 112.8g. With the case, you also get a screw, a clip and the 1/4″ adapter.

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