Game Accelerator — a New Option in Xiaomi Smartphones


Xiaomi added a new option to its smartphones that allows to speed up the pace of games. You can the option in the “Security” menu. When you first use it, the smartphone will generate an icon on the desktop for an easier access.

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What the game accelerator does is helps you to optimize the current workload and allocate resources to games that you are running, which means that you can get a higher frames-per-second rate and fewer lags.

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Overall, the game accelerator performs 11 kinds of optimizations:

1. Network acceleration: accelerates network connection speed, improves network performance, and reduces network latency. Although to make the option available you have to pay.

2. Download speed: limits the downloads for the apps running in the background to ensure priority use of network resources.

3. Background automatic sync prohibition: the game will start and temporarily disable the system synchronization function, thus reducing the consumption of resources.

4. Network security: the WLAN network connection will be disabled to prevent network disconnection due to possible problems.

5. Data acceleration: a SIM card that is not connected to the Internet will be disconnected to protect the data network signal.

6. Memory cleaup: switches off all background applications in order to free space for the game. Applications from the whitelist and the recent task pages are not cleaned. In the whitelist settings, you can add applications that you do not want to be automatically “cleaned”.

7. Performance improvement: allows the processor to work to its fullest potential, increases the processing speed and ensures a smooth operation of the game.

8. Handsfree call: when a call is received, the smartphone will immediately turn on the hands-free mode.

9. Message anti-disturbing mode: blocks notifications of new message arrivals to protect the game flow from disruption.

10. Smartphone keys block: blocks three Android keys to ensure you do not accidentally touch them while playing.

11. Automatic brightness adjustment: the brightness of the screen will be fixed to prevent its change due to frequent changes in the brightness of the screen during the game.

We think that such updates will be useful for those, who play smartphones games hard. Check these websites to see where you can get Xiaomi smartphones in your country and play with pleasure!

Thursday, 26 october 2017

Very useful!) I want this on my smartphone))

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