Fresh Products from the Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform (Vol.3)


One of the largest Chinese companies, Xiaomi, has a super wide range of products, so it got a lot of fans. On the eve of the new year, the corporation decided to make a surprise for its adherents and announced a very large number of products. 

MiJia Tea Brewer

The brewer is made of high quality ceramics. It perfectly keep the temperature, evenly distributing it over the entire area of the walls and bottom. The brewer from Xiaomi comes in white, measures 75×95 mm and weights 240 grams.

It is very convenient to prepare tea in the brewer as there is a special compartment with small holes. Small holes do not allow small particles of tea leaves, berries or flowers, to penetrate so they do not clog the drink. By the way, the volume is 370 ml.

MADV Mini panoramic camera

Many of you were wondering if you can connect the webcam to a mobile phone or tablet. If your device is equipped with a USB, then you can make this happen with Xiaomi MADV Mini Panoramic Camera. The camera is very small. Its size is compared to the size of the clock face and it weighs 23.5 grams.

The camera is equipped with a dual 13MP lens. In addition, it has two wide-angle lenses with 210-degree viewing angles and with f/1.8 each. The output image resolution is 5K (5276×2688) and video resolution is 1920×960 at 30fps. The camera supports several modes like a crystal ball, a fisheye and others.

FOXIO Lipstick Treasure 3350 mAh Type-C

The device really looks like a lipstick. It is very compact and easily fits not only into the bag but even in a pocket. It is made in a form of a cylinder and measures 109×23.6 mm. There are four color options — black, blue, red and green. The holes on the sides are the charge indicator and an on/off button.

The gadget supports smartphones with Android and iOS on board. It comes with 3350 mAh on board, which will be enough to fully charge most modern mobile smartphones.

MiJia Honeywell Fresh Air Mask

The mask resembles a mask from the future, which gives it a special charm. The device comes with a USB cable to charge its battery and is equipped with the latest KN95 filter, which provides full protection against PM2.5 particles. It is noteworthy that the mask can be disassembled and you can change the filter when needed.

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