Fresh Products from the Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform (Vol.1)


We have seen it all, but this product made our day. A toilet paper! It is made of natural bamboo fiber, has four layers and features antibacterial coating. It costs quite a pretty penny comparing to a white toilet paper that you can find in the local supermarket. But its quality is worth the price to pay.

This paper is much softer than the one that is made from recycled materials. It quickly dissolves in water, which means that your toilet will not become clogged. It is also absolutely safe even for baby skin and has all the necessary certificates to prove that.

Among other things, the toilet paper is cut into equal squares 100×138 mm each and the overall paper length is 10 meters.

Another new product that we spotted yesterday on the Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform was the rice cooker. It is the third one in the company’s portfolio and that is where Xiaomi decided to experiment with the design. The machine consists of two parts — an induction cooktop and the cooking pot made of metal alloy. Both can be also bought separately.

The inside of the cooking pot is covered with a non-stick Teflon layer. With it, you get a metal cover featuring a large comfortable handle. The front side of the cooktop sports a round switch for the cooking modes with a touchscreen that shows the real temperature of the pot. A helpful feature of such a device where zero supervision is required is that the device comes with a self-protection from fire and it will automatically turn off.

Actually, it is not just a rice cooker as the rest of the Xiaomi MiJia rice cookers. In here you can cook soups, cereals, and any second dish.

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