Do Not Miss the Summer Living in Your Car. Get a Yunbike!


Get yourself out of stuffy cars and get closer to nature. Meet UMA YunBike C1. It is a super compact, youth-oriented, easy to control bike with a motor and several frame colors to accommodate both men and women.

The motor of the bike is extremely quiet and responsive. 25% of its power is enough to conquer a 10-degree slope and at 100% it is ready to scale the Everest without any help from you. The bike is also equipped with a three-axis accelerometer and a gyroscope that allow it to adjust to the terrain or slope it takes by changing between low and full motor power.

Its battery can last for up to 25 km and you need to recharge it in as little as 2.5 hours. That makes UMA YunBike C1 a perfect vehicle for daily commutes or spontaneous short-term adventures. The vehicle is produced of aluminum alloy, thus is sturdy and lightweight.

UMA YunBike C1 is one of the first electric bikes to house a USB port so that you could charge your smartphone or camera on the go. The battery of the bike is protected from overcharge, over discharge, short circuits and more.

Reliability and ease of usage combined with lightweight and elegant frame and safe electric components make this bike a juicy attraction.

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