Could This Day Be More Exciting? Xiaomi Released a Set of Cupcakes for Everyone to Enjoy


Good news for those Xiaomi fans that are a sweet tooth — this time a really tasty product has stopped by the virtual shelves of Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. It is Xiaomi Micamika Mone Cake. The product is being sold for $23, but the delivery will begin on September, 20, a few days before the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

The cupcakes are shipped in a solid cardboard box, beautifully packed into a paper bag with handles.

In the box, you get cupcakes with different flavors (chocolate, milk, peanut and crispy) to appeal to every palate. The cupcakes also have different colors: black, yellow, gold and green. Can you guess which flavor every color corresponds to? In total, you get 8 cupcakes (two for each flavor) 50g each. The shelf life of the cupcakes is 60 days.

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