Charpa Temperature Control Quilt Will Keep You Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter


Charpa is a new sub-brand Xiaomi has taken under its wing. It produces mostly insulation cups, food containers and the like, so a quilt is a big surprise. The company says its product is suitable all year round, is made of hypoallergenic materials and is machine-washable.

Charpa Temperature Control Quilt will help you sleep well and wake up with a feeling that you had a good rest. It is made of cotton featuring siliconized microfiber. It is lightweight, thus is gives a feeling that you are sleeping under a big fluffy cloud.

What Charpa also highlights is that the quilt has its own climate control. In summer it will absorb heat when it gets too warm and in winter it will release the heat from your body back when you cool down. In such a way, it keeps the temperature in your bed in the optimum range to have a good sleep.

This quilt is not on the cheaper side (it costs about $100), but worth the price if you want comfort.

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