Candela — a New Product from Yeelight


One of the companies out of Xiaomi ecosystem, a light genius Yeelight, known all over the world for unusual smart light solutions, has started a new fundraising campaign for its another smart creation called Candela.

This is lamp that looks like a candle but is way more functional. Firstly, it is a very long-lasting candle. Powered by a single battery it can shine up to 8 hours.

Secondly, its brightness is regulated both by rotating it with hands and with the help of a smartphone.

Thirdly, by means of Bluetooth protocol, you can adjust the brightness of up to 50 such devices at a time.

Lastly, the copper housing gives the device a very beautiful look that a candle cannot handle.

For now, the device can be purchased only at the crowdfunding platform for around $25, but when it hits the stores the price is expected to be not more than $40.

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