Be Different: Wear Mi Band 2 Around Your Neck


The fans of Xiaomi and its ecosystem do not lack imagination. Inspired by Huami’s beautifully-crafted Amazfit Moon Beam fitness-tracker that looks more like a piece of jewelry, they tried to give a makeover to Mi Band 2, which was easy, as the device has a removable tracker. These are all real products that can be bought on the Internet.

Women should consider a nice-looking pendant, inside of which the Mi Band 2 tracker needs to be inserted. The necklace is made of stainless steel and is available in blue, pink, red, gold and black colors. The seller said that it could also feature Swarovski crystals instead of rhinestones and can be made of precious metals. Mi Band 2 inside the pendant will be able to track your steps and show time if you want to measure your heart rate the pendant close to your body.


You can find a fan-made necklace also for men like the one below that reminds of an ID badge they wear in the military. The color of it is not that distinct and it does not have sparkly elements, but, despite its simplicity, the pendant does not lack individuality.

Here is another variant for men — Mi Band 2 used in a bracelet. This one will add some emo style into your outfit.

Xiaomi fans never stop trying to make their interaction with smart devices more vivid and entertaining. Especially, when there are so many gizmos in the ecosystem that you can look at from a whole different side.

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