20 Most Powerful Updates of MIUI in 2017


This year became significant for Xiaomi due to numerous achievements and innovations, including the new version of MIUI 9.

The other day, Xiaomi published a comment on its webpage, where it mentioned 20 most powerful and desirable features of the new MIUI Developer Edition and MIUI Stable Edition. It is worth noting that its predecessor, MIUI 8, was released in May 2016 and was relevant almost until the end of 2017.

Let’s recall the most striking innovations of the latest version of MIUI 9.

20. Mobile Banking

In China, paying for rides and purchases with the help of a handset is quite popular. Xiaomi smartphones are the first mobile phones in the world that support mobile banking. Already 9 Xiaomi smartphones support this function.

19. SMS

SMS increasingly lose their popularity today, but many operations and purchases can be confirmed with the help of SMS. MIUI 9 groups all received SMS in chronological order, so that it could be even more convenient to read and delete unnecessary SMS.

18. Black list

Thanks “Black list” it becomes much easier to get rid of the of the annoying messages from an unpleasant person.

17. Convenient calendar

Planning is an important part of our lives. In the MIUI 9’s calendar, you can set the countdown to an important date, set the birth date of relatives and friends, add notes to dates, set a list of small goals and other tricks to keep you organized.

16. WeChat clear

This function is designed mainly for China, WeChat messenger is popular here. However, users regularly face the problem of cache of the app filling up quickly. Automatic cleaning of unnecessary files allows to get rid of this problem once and for all.

15. New sound effects

A set of sound effects (SMS tune, screen lock sound, charging signal) also was updated. Now the standard tunes of the firmware are more energetic and cheerful.

14. Quick ball function

It is a touch assistant with a combination of five unique shortcuts that allow to have easy and quick access to functions and apps you use frequently.

13. Weather forecast

The weather forecast became more accurate and easy to use. Rainfall forecast is available for 2 hours ahead, a forecast of air quality for 48 hours and 15 days. You can add the function of creating recommendations on health issues, data on pollutants etc.

12. Automatic turn on and off of the eye protection function

Thanks to this function, your eyes will be protected from aggressive blue rays, which adversely affect the health of the eyes.

11. Improved gallery

If you happen to have fuzzy photos in the gallery that you do not want to delete, thanks to a few new tricks of the gallery you can repair such images and give them a decent look.

10. Key exchange support

Many people worry about losing data when changing an old smartphone to a new one. The updated version of MIUI includes the possibility of data transfer. And exchange of keys is possible not only between Xiaomi smartphones but also between iPhones and smartphones of other brands and Xiaomi. Now the process of transferring information can be temporarily suspended and resumed when necessary.

9. Additional features in games

During games, the smartphone does not slow down, the sound effects are really impressive. You can easily put the game on pause, and also protect your smartphone from unwanted pop-up modifications.

8. Security of Red envelopes

There is an old tradition in China to give money in red envelopes. With Assistant Xiaomi Security Center in MIUI 9, you can give and receive these “red envelopes”, but in electronic form. Simply put, receive money from relatives and friends. The protection of funds is safer and safer.

7. Convenient Internet surfing

You can zoom in or out of the tabs in the browser with a single finger tap. You do not even need to visit the web page. With this function, you can save your time considerably.

6. Themes MIUI 9

4 sets of new themes are present in the new MIUI 9, including the default theme. Recently it became known about the release of 9 more bright and juicy themes.

5. Messaging assistant

Messaging Assistant combines information from other applications, for example, from the favorites tab, calendar, etc. The information assistant has direct access to bus maps, a calculator and much more. They can be moved to the left of the screen (in the form of a small screen) and always stay informed.

4. Management

The firmware can independently manage system applications.

3. Stay online in two applications at once

You can log into various applications using a password or fingerprints. Thanks to QQ Double Open you can split the smartphone screen in half and stay in two applications online at the same time.

2. Split the screen

Split screen this is one of the hottest innovations in the mobile industry. In MIUI 9, it is also very easy to use. However, not all Xiaomi smartphones support this feature.

1. Fast as lightning

MIUI 9 supports more than 12 functionalities, for example, such as Acceleration Accelerator, Dynamic Resource Allocation, New File System and Memory Real-Time Anti-Unbris, which ensure maximum efficiency and speed of smartphones.

Using MIUI 9, you can really feel how a stable and fast, efficient mobile system on your Xiaomi smartphone can be.

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